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How The Golfers Power Drive Works

"Golfers Power Drive" teaches golfers to get the lower body initiated into the golf swing with a stabilized back leg and foot. Once you have learned to stabilize the lower body on the backswing the power drive will then begin its work on the downswing. When done properly the "Golfers Power Drive" standing plate produces an audible click on the lower front side plate. This auditory sound and kinetic feel provides a multisensory teaching aid that trains the golfers muscle memory and increases his or her skills.

If done incorrectly the golfer will hear an audible click on the back side telling them that they did not stabilize their back foot and leg correctly. Hearing the negative CLICK feedback on the back leg and foot tells the golfer that their weight is outside their back foot leading to numerous swing flaws. If a golfer does not hear the CLICK at all on the down swing then this will identify that the golfer never used the proper fundamentals of the lower body in the golf swing. Golfers cannot fix the golf swing from the top. Working on the golf swing from the ground up is the only way to ensure that you are building the most efficient and reliable swing. Stabilizing the legs and feet will enable the golf club to travel in the proper sequence and allow the weight to transfer to front side.



A true swing training aid with nothing attached to the golfer….just your natural swing with auditory and kinetic feedback. A golfer cannot cheat the GOLFERS POWER DRIVE. Initiate the lower body with a stabilized back foot, transfer to front side and positive CLICK feedback is heard at the right time.


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