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Why The Golfers Power Drive Works

the device teaches by a combination of auditory sound and kinetic feel, the two most important multi-sensory leaning methods. The timing of hearing this click trains golfers to get their lower body initiated into the golf swing with a stabilized back foot and then to transfer their weight into their front side. This linear then rotational weight transfer into their front side creating an explosive hip and torso rotation into the swing.. The device allows them to feel and hear the power of their initial transfer from back foot and leg to the front side. The clicking sound of the strike plate allows immediate auditory sound and kinetic feedback.

The results are outstanding and the golfer says…."WOW" I stabilized and transferred with a lot more power! For many it is the first time they have ever used their lower body to initiate a golf swing. The arms are the final kinetic link of a golf swing.

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